Build and Design Homes to Protect Them from Bushfires

The homeowner who builds and designs a dream house to live in has to take care of the safety of the house from bushfire. The safety requirements have to be met diligently. The materials that are used for the construction have to be fireproof. It is researched that the homeowners who incorporate materials and techniques for building a flame-resistant house can, actually, save a lot of money. This will also reduce the risk of catching fire in the home due to nearby bushfire. There are different examples of such houses that do not burn like for instance masonry, steel frames, and mud brick.

The homeowners must be aware of the fact that there might not be a single solution to protect the house totally from the risk of fire. But, attempts can be made to reduce the risk of fire. The bushfire prone areas home architects must be very careful in building and designing the homes. First and foremost, it is very important that the homeowner must professionally assess the property and the surrounding area’s susceptibility to bushfire attack.

Protect home from bushfire

There are several factors that are responsible when it comes to designing a bushfire prone area home. The additional design, specification and other parameters for construction cannot be just ignored. They may cost you more when you design the house. However, the builders have more than one option to meet the necessary requirements in terms of regulations and standards for the buildings. As such the traditional materials such as timber windows and doors are preferred. They are basically tested to resist the heat and flames of bushfires.

Build home to meet certain standards

Bushfire Prone Areas Home
Bushfire Prone Areas Home
  • The regulators have improved the protection of houses from bushfire by following certain standards. If the required standards are maintained, then the fire performance of bushfire prone area home will improve.
  • The expert architects have taken the opinion of the residents of these areas and come to a conclusion for designing the new homes. They have planned the bathrooms to be located at the junction of outside walls.
  • They also include an external door for use during emergency situations. The glass expanses that face the direction of fire threat are replaced with windows and low walls.
  • The residents also suggest that bushfire shutters, non-combustible decking and roof sprinkler, should be validated and tested only by industry experts.
  • The rooftop sprinkler is a system that requires both water supply as well as a generator for its functioning and needs to be installed as well.
  • If the connections are not adequate, then, the system will definitely fail. The need to protect your home from bushfires is very important but, it is equally necessary to make your house energy efficient. This can be done by trapping, reusing and storing the energy.

It is, in fact, a challenge for the architecture professionals to build an affordable bushfire prone areas home. There is a lot of competition to find the best and cost-effective homes. The designs of the homes will mitigate or remove the flying embers and protect the house from bursting into flames. The research in this field takes a lot of time and so those who have lost their homes due to bushfire have to wait for long to recover. Hence, the architects elect volunteers to serve the individuals to rebuild their houses and it is predicted that the future homes will be smaller, having fewer windows and there will be no external timber, as part of the measures to keep the personal spaces protected from bushfires.


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