6 Frugal and Savvy Ideas for Creating an Entertainment Room

Young children demand to be entertained, so most parents spend a considerable amount of money on everything from digital games to trendy toys. But if you are a parent and you want a better investment for your money with regards to keeping your kids happy, you could consider creating an entertainment room for your home.

An entertainment room will not only benefit the little ones – all members of the family can benefit from it.

Entertainment room design
Entertainment room design

You are probably thinking that it would cost so much money to create, and that your house isn’t exactly a mansion. You need not fret, however, because you can turn any spare room you have at home into one designed for recreation – and you do not necessarily have to bust your budget for it.


Here are six budget-friendly yet clever ways to create a fun entertainment room for your family.

1.     Create a mini theatre section

Find the perfect wall for mounting a big flat screen TV and purchase a few beanbags. With a wall mount TV, and the audience looking up at it from their cozy seats, it would feel  very much like being in the theatre (except everybody’s just more comfortable).

But if you really want multi-level seating similar to a theatre’s, interior decorators advise using pallets. You can get pallets for cheap or free from local stores, schools, and recycling companies. Stack them for different heights, cover them with an old comforter, and add throw pillows.

2.     Consider a satellite TV

There are several possibilities that can be explored with a satellite TV. With this, you can get all your favourite TV programs, as well as high definition channels, for much cheaper.This option also boasts of a much better signal and user interface. There is also more program information available, so you can more easily select channels that are suitable for your family.

3.     Improvise a chess table

You can play chess and checkers on it, along with a bunch of other games.

You just need any old plain table you have and paint a checker pattern on it. The table makes the games quite accessible, especially if it comes with a drawer that can hold all the different game pieces.

4.     Set up a snack station

Place a console table in the room to hold baskets of chips and jars of candy, which you can actually purchase cheaply from dollar shops.

The snack station is a must for entertainment rooms. It adds a pop of colour to the space and it’s the perfect attraction for anybody who wants to snack while playing a game or watching a movie or TV show.

5.     Paint one wall using chalkboard paint

A small can of chalkboard paint is all you need to turn a wall in into a giant blackboard.

Your children do not need a lot of toys to be happy; what they need for that is their imagination. Encourage them to draw, write stories, and play using chalk.

The giant chalkboard in the entertainment room is also useful for the older members of the family:

  • The teens can cover it with their chalk art and take selfies to post on social media
  • They can use it to help them study
  • It will also turn the entertainment room into the perfect venue for a Pictionary-fest.
  • Best of all, the chalkboard wall will make party decorating easy. You don’t have to buy a lot of disposable décor; you can just create different drawings on the wall for decoration for each shindig.

6.     Bring in LED strip lights

LED strip lights
LED strip lights

An entertainment room needs proper lighting and you have various styling options to consider. To solve this problem, you’ll need LED strip lights because they are versatile illumination solutions. You can create a chandelier, a marquee signage on the wall, indirect lighting, and more. There’s no shortage of options when it comes to using LED strip lights for an entertainment room. An entertainment room is a much better investment than a collection of various costly toys that your children can easily outgrow. So, create one and bring in more fun and enjoyment for all the members of your family.


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