Define and Design Your Home with Modern Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are external coverings for doorways and windows. A series of slats are hinged together to make a roller shutter. It can be rolled up into a head box because of the hinged slats. The shutter can be tucked away anytime to allow easy access through a doorway and to open a window as and when required. Modern roller shutters are typically made from aluminum, stainless steel etc. Its thickness and style depend on its usage. The slats of a standard residential shutter are filled up with foam, which increases its strength, insulating properties and causes noise reduction. These factors make them suitable for an energy-efficient home. Aluminum roller shutter is the choice of manufacturers, homeowners and property developers. It was first developed in Germany and since then it has become the preferred option all over. The foam used in these slats absorbs heat in the summer and traps the warm air during winter.

These shutters operate by rolling up and down through fitted and advanced side guides on both the sides of the window or door. They are designed in a way to prevent intruders from making forced entries. Roller shutters lean all the way upward. They are tucked behind a narrow cassette, visitors are unable to see them, and this preserves their aesthetic appeal.

Benefits of Modern Roller Shutters:

Reduction of Noise Pollution – If you live near busy roads, airports, schools or highways, you will understand the repercussions of noise pollution and the difficulty one faces in their lives because of it. The most effective and best way for blocking out the unnecessary and excessive chaos is to install roller shutters. The aluminum ones are designed in such a way to reduce and control the level of noise till 50%. This new window-protection technology is now replacing curtains and blinds.

Saving Energy – Energy and especially electricity prices are always increasing, with no scope of reducing any time soon. Power consumption is lowered up to 64% all year round by roller shutters. This is stated by industry standards. During summers, the foam in the shutters keeps the household a lot cooler by absorbing heat. This keeps us from using the air conditioners which is also good for the environment. Insulation is also provided during winters to keep the houses warm.

Protection Against Household Intruders – Keeping the family safe and avoiding unwanted visitors are a few benefits of installing home roller shutters. The design and positioning of the shutter make it very difficult to open if someone forcefully attempts to break in. Apart from being designed specifically to resist forced entry, these shutters also make an excellent physical restraint on their own.

Types of Roller Shutter Systems:

A few types of roller shutters available are electric motors, battery, strap winders and manual winders. The most popular ones are electric motors and manual winders. Homeowners can manually and remotely operate their roller shutters with such a diverse range, based on their budget and preference.

Electric Roller Shutters – These shutters can be raised and lowered with the help of a button. They offer a complete shutter solution without manually winding the handle. Weather-sensitive sensors are also available and viable product options, which automatically shut and reline the shutters depending on weather conditions. These prove efficient in areas suffering from constant weather changes.

Manual Roller Shutters – These shutters are just as their name states. They require some amount of elbow grease to operate. To completely shut the shutter, you need to turn the manual handler anti-clockwise and vice versa to recline it upwards.

To improve security and the overall aesthetic appeal of the household, modern roller shutters play a great and effective role in securing your house. It is also one of the most cost-effective ways to do so. Roller shutters have become increasingly popular over the past decade. Homeowners all over are increasingly realizing the benefits of these shutters and also the substantial investment value they provide.


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