5 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Your Awning

If you're planning to install awnings, here are a few things you should know.

Building awning

Not only are the awnings a perfect upgrade for the outdoor areas, but they are also aesthetically appealing, provided that they are installed with taste and precision. Since they are a great shade solution, your patio will be ready for entertaining guests at any season. Moreover, don’t let your business be affected by the bad weather. A cafe or a restaurant with al-fresco dining option will surely attract more customers and shelter the outdoor furniture. However, there are many things to take into consideration before buying an awning. In order to prevent making a wrong choice, here are a few tips:

Choose the suitable material

First of all, think about which material would meet your demands the best. You can choose between the metallic blinds and fabric. If you need an awning that provides a solid shield against the harsh weather conditions, go with the strong metallic one, especially if they are equipped with insulation. On the other hand, the awnings made with fabric provide a nice shade and can easily be put away. However, they are not as low maintenance as the metallic awnings. The ones with fabric can also be a nice decorative touch, while those made from metal are not always the best decorative solution.

Choose the right size and angle

Many people often forget to take the awning‘s angle into consideration when making a purchase. Its angle is a crucial element for its performance. An awning installed facing west or east requires a drop size of 65% to 75%. An awning facing south can have a drop of 45% to 60%. Another thing you ought to take into consideration is its size, which solely depends on the space and its purpose. Therefore, choose a small-scale awning for decorative purposes, while a large awning shall come in handy for sheltering a larger area, e.g. an outdoor area of a cafe.

Choose the perfect style

Since awnings come in different shapes and sizes, make sure to choose the one that complements the exterior design of your business establishment or residence. First, take a look at a traditionally designed awning that comes in open or closed sides. A dome style awning is a lovely touch above your front door or back door. A double bar awning is a typical choice for most households. The quarter barrel awning fits well on a business establishment; gable canopies made from aluminium are perfect for both business buildings and residential areas. Naturally, before opting for one, consult with an architect about style.

Choose the best model

When it comes to finding the best model, it’s necessary to consider which type of awning will suit your demands. For example, freestanding Oztech awnings are usually used for decks and terraces of business buildings. On the other hand, the retractable awnings are best suited for home patios, since they can be automatically switched and adjusted to the unpredictable weather conditions. As a result, you needn’t worry about excessive sunlight or heavy rain, because you can easily control the awning. However, in case of snow, retract the awning so as to prevent any damage.

Choose the right price

Before making any major decision, always take into consideration the price of the awning, since its price is a clear indication of its quality and longevity. The awnings sold at a low price usually have a limited duration and are of poor quality. Therefore, avoid such products, especially if its manufacturers don’t offer any guarantee. The features of the awning can raise the price notably, for example, if the awning has automated elements, this will affect its price, so don’t get surprised. Make sure to check who its manufacturer is or the location from which the product is outsourced.

Choose your awning wisely

Whether you plan to cover just a small area in your home or a bigger space in a business establishment, these five rules help you choose the best type of awning for any purpose. Take into consideration its material, size, angle. Think about style and model that fits your space the best. In the end, the price is a clear sign of its quality which will help you bring the right decision.


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