The Top 6 Advantages of Colored Concrete Flooring

Concrete floors are durable, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. Moreover, the utilitarian and easy-to-maintain gray color of concrete makes it one of the most popular flooring material for driveways, pathways, patios and other outdoor living spaces.

But did you know concrete is also a preferred indoor flooring option for an increasing number of property owners and builders as well?

Colored Concrete Flooring
Colored Concrete Flooring

With colored concrete solutions, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: the incredible durability of concrete and the aesthetic appeal of colored finishes and textures.

Reasons to Choose Colored Concrete as Your Flooring Material

Aside from avoiding a dull gray floor inside or outside your home, colored concrete offers these noteworthy benefits:

1.    You will have durable, low maintenance floors

As already mentioned, concrete is one of the toughest flooring materials around. Whether you want to use this material for indoor or outdoor flooring applications, you will have a strong floor that will last for a long time.

This is because the process of adding color to the concrete also makes them more durable.

You can make your floor even tougher and prolong its life by sealing it off with epoxy and urethane.

Colored concrete floors are easy to clean and maintain as well. Simply mop the floor with clean water and you will retain its original, appealing look.

This type of flooring material hides stains effectively as well. If you choose a dark, mottled-color for your driveway, you won’t have to worry about how to remove or cover those unsightly tire, dirt and oil marks anytime.

2.    Colored concrete is affordable

Colored concrete is relatively cheaper than marble, granite, and expensive tile flooring. But even if they are more affordable, their color and finish will give you an expensive-looking floor.

You can copy the lovely textures and colors of natural materials while keeping your application or installation and maintenance costs lower. Hence, they will effortlessly boost the appeal of your home. Your exterior will look great, too.

3.    Colored concrete is UV-resistant

By choosing a UV-resistant concrete product, you can maintain the quality and appeal of your driveway or walkway. Even if the weather is hot nearly all year round in your area, you will have a functional and appealing driveway or pathway that will complement the look of your garden for a long time.

4.    You will have a more appealing and interesting floor

With different colors to choose from, you won’t have a boring slab of colored concrete flooring. This is true for both indoor and outdoor surfaces. When you choose the right color, design, and texture, you will have a floor that is elegant, elaborate, and altogether worthy of attention.

5.    You can choose from different textures and finishes

If you want to have a smooth floor, ask your contractor to give you a polished concrete floor. With polished concrete, you will have a smooth, marble-like floor but at a lesser cost.

In case you want the concrete to have a textured finish, you can have builders add some decorative treatments. You can even do this yourself if you’re feeling artistic; before the concrete dries, create or etch patterns or designs on the floor.

6.    Colored and polished concrete can reflect light

Because of its light reflective quality, colored concrete can reduce the need for a great deal of lighting. This is true for both residential and commercial buildings.

With this type of flooring, you will have a home that is more energy-efficient and save on energy bills.

Enjoying all the benefits that colored concrete floors give will greatly depend on your choice of service provider. Make sure the company employs concrete floor applicators who are fully trained and qualified. They should also have a variety of high-quality products you can choose from for your particular requirements and preferences.

Also, make sure that your chosen contractor will assess your project, provide suggestions, and give you a fair, detailed quote for the work to be done so that you can fully prepare for your concrete flooring project.


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