Top tips for designing an amazing kitchen in a small space

While the UK’s penchant for large, spacious and open plan kitchens is no secret, its also no secret that many homes have limited kitchen space. If that sounds familiar, then the thought of searching for the perfect kitchen design to suit your smaller floor space might feel like an exercise in futility and frustration.

However, all is not lost. Many architects and kitchen designers work with smaller kitchens all the time, which means it can be done well. We’ve picked up a few tips to help you make the most of your small kitchen and to create a functional room that could even have the wow factor!

“Whether you room space is large or small, kitchen design is all about functionality, so take your time to find out about different space saving options and you’ll be able to create an amazing room that has everything you could ever need – and possibly even more,” said Pimlico estate agent, Andrew Reeves.

Get the floor plan right

It might take a bit of organisation, but you really need to sit down and get your kitchen floor plan just right. This way you’ll be aware of exactly how much space you have and then put it all to the best use possible.

Start your list of must haves and see how you get on fitting everything in. Remember, the absolute essentials of your kitchen are that your fridge, worktop and sink are all easily accessible. Next comes the hob and oven, before you can consider cupboard space, placement and height.

Floor to ceiling?

Floor to ceiling cupboards are a real option, as is a whole wall of storage, dotted with a built-in oven and fridge freezer. This can help keep all your storage organised and in one place and should mean your smaller kitchen doesn’t get cluttered.

This design style also frees the rest of the room up for your hob, sink and counter space.

“Floor to ceiling cupboards might seem like a big no-no for a small kitchen, but it can actually work perfectly and free up the rest of the room for your other must haves, like maximum counter-top space,” said Reigate estate agent, Robert Leech.


With the right lighting, you can real brighten up your smaller kitchen. You can add them under your higher cupboards and over our hob. You can have daylight spotlights and even low-level lighting if you opt for a darker feature or unit colour.

When only a range will do

For those of you for whom only a range or large cooking combination oven and hob will do, you can still make this work in a small space. But, it does come with sacrifices.

Go ahead and install your range and big ceramic sink, particularly if you’re going to get your use out of them. But, you should probably do so at the expense of additional storage. That means you’ll need to think very carefully about where things will go and what the minimum amount of crockery, cutlery and glassware you can cope with is.

Last but not least, comes the colour

Once you know what you need and where it can all go, you can then move onto the colour scheme. For small kitchens you’ll want to incorporate some brightness. This can be added with mirrored splash backs and predominantly lighter coloured units.

However, there’s still space for a bit of drama created by a bold colour. This could be from your worktops, one row of storage cupboards, a feature wall or even the flooring!

“Just because a room is small, doesn’t mean you can’t add some high drama with a bold, dark colour or print,” said M&M Property. “Just remember to contrast anything dark with plenty of light and bright décor touches too.”


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