Quick Tips for Summer Bedroom Renovation

Summer’s here and so is the rising of the temperature. Warm weather is knocking at your door, is your bedroom ready for the toasty climate? Revamping your bedroom for the change of season is unavoidable. Since it is also the perfect season for home renovations, you might want to consider giving your bedroom a mini makeover.

It is all about bright colors, fresh air and feeling good during summer ̶ which can all be used to redecorate your bedroom to make it your own summer haven. Up for a change? Here are the quick and easy tips for summer bedroom renovation.

Summer Bedroom Renovation
Summer Bedroom Renovation

Freshen Up the Bed

A bedroom makeover is not complete without addressing the bed since it is the focal point of the room. Changing up one’s sheets is the quickest and easiest way to freshen up your bed, try having colorful, light and airy new sheets. However, before swapping up your linens, one should clean up the mattress to revitalize the bed.

Now if you’re wondering in how to clean a mattress then here are the briefly explained steps towards a good night’s sleep. Start by stripping and laundering the linens then proceed to vacuum your mattress. Deodorize it by scrubbing baking soda on it and vacuuming it a second time to pull the moisture out, along with the cause of the odors.

Remove Some Layers

A summer revamp is more about what you are removing from the room than what you are adding to it. Since having a lot inside your bedroom creates a cramped up scenario and adds warmth to the sunny weather, minimizing things such as pillows, blankets and unnecessary layers on your bed keeps it cool in the summer months.

Summer Bedroom revamp
Summer Bedroom revamp

A minimalist-style will keep your room airy and refreshing for this season, so try opting for lesser beddings and swap out the heavier velvet or faux-fur ones for lighter versions in linen and cotton. Stay away from synthetic materials and use a breathable natural material instead such as Linen, percale, and even bamboo sheets to avoid summer-night sweats,

Burst of Colors

Summer is all about cheerful and sunny hues in which color schemes should be lighter, such as “pale yellow or cream linen sheets and a white coverlet or duvet” which was advised by the interior designer Sarah Magness. Moreover, If you have a room that’s feeling dry and boring, then it is time to bring fresh color to your walls with either paint or patterned wallpapers.

Add a few low-key accents that reflect the tropical, nautical, or beachy look you’re going for. Try the cool colors such as blue and indigo since it is a great way to cool down your room for summer. The saturated green feels fresh to the eyes, while bold colors such as violet make a tiny space feels larger and evokes summer flowers.

Letting in the Breeze

Drop the heavy drapes and replace them with simple curtains to let the morning light shine through to add the nature’s refreshing feeling during the season. It is also to allow for the summer breeze to flow through your room and circulate the air, which makes it worthy in switching from heavy drapes to sheer curtains.

Opt for medium-colored draperies with white plastic backings, which are according to a study of the Department of Energy, can reduce heat gain by thirty-three percent. Also, blackout curtains will be helpful in keeping the bedroom cool during the day, it is claimed that these curtains lower the temperature in the room by five degrees.

Small Décor Changes

Celebrate the summer season by adding summery accessories to the bedroom. Get creative with bringing the outdoors into your room by having indoor plants ̶ this will instantly make space feel more summery. Try having a Bamboo Palm plant which brings out a tropical, warm feeling to the bedroom and purifies the air naturally.

Putting up artsy decorations such as coral, shell wall arts or seaside postcards and beachcombed finds create a coastal and nautical scheme which is perfect for the summer season. Be creative with a DIY art with unused frames and fabrics for an additional wall art summer ready bedroom. Also, use a large mirror to reflect light and make the room feel larger.


It is important to be ready and knowledgeable in the changing of the seasons to avoid inconvenience. The bedroom should make you feel homey and always be comfortable since it is considered a person’s zen. One way of making a room comfortable is decluttering, clutter build up over the months which weighs down a room visually, making your bedroom feel less restful.

For this summer season, make sure to be equipped with the right materials for the change of weather condition. Investing in different types of beddings for the changes of the season surely helps.


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