Your Guide to Choosing Artificial Turf for Your Garden

The interior decoration, as well as the exterior decoration of a house, is equally important. The exterior of a house is decorated with trees, plantations, nets, unique paper material and other things to make a house look more attractive. Development of the garden is so vital for the type of houses which have wide open space with open land. Within the limited space and to cover the odd areas, employing an artificial turf is recommended.

Applications of Synthetic Turfs:

Not only for a house but also artificial garden can be laid in the interiors, wherever growing natural grass is impossible. Artificial grass gives a greenish beauty and bright feeling in your interior, whether it is an office, studio, classroom, playschool or any other. Mostly, the artificial garden helps as a protection for children playing indoors, with their naturally soft nature and suspension ability.

Synthetic Turfs in Sports:

If you think, artificial grass serves a purpose only in the interior decoration, then the recent developments in using this grass can astonish you. When you grow natural grass with basic requirements, there are many maintenance issues, one has to face and address. Mainly it needs a lot of water and protection from bugs and pests along with regular cutting and gardening. When it comes to usage at office or interiors, they need sunlight and soil to grow healthy, which is practically problematic. The use of artificial grass can help to overcome the landscaping targets and help you to have decorated interiors.

Types and Structure of Synthetic Turf:

High-tech artificial playing surfaces are the future which allows minimum to nil maintenance and more durable. The main problem with sports pitches is the maintenance for the landscaping of the sports area and conduct continuous matches. There are further classifications in the kind of turfs used such as:

  • 3G Woven turf
  • Tufted turf

1. 3G Woven Turf – They offer great strength and stability for the turf and the players on it. Big games such as football and rugby will play well upon this surface and are durable even after lengthy hours of play.

2. 3G Tufted Turfs – These are the economical type of turfs which can suit sports from professional to school level with the durable material.

3. Sand/Water Based Turfs These are sand dressed or water-based turfs normally used in international stage matches these days.

4. Non-infill Turf – These are unlike the 3G tufted turfs and require very less maintenance and easily recyclable.

5. Reinforced Natural Grass – This is a mixture of artificial and natural grass producing a hybrid variety of it. This will have the freshness of natural grass and the strength and stability of an artificial grass.

Infill: Apart from the kinds of artificial turf systems, the infill material forms the heart of the turfs making it stand upright. It forms the key grip for the players while performing activities over the grass and reduce strain and offer more sliding characteristics.

Base Construction: The base construction remains almost the same for every kind of turf. Anyhow, as per the requirement of the client and the purpose of usage, it will be differing.

As a whole, the artificial turfs have eliminated the need of spending too much on garden and Landscaping. It is all custom-made and anyhow, necessary arrangements and customization are possible to make it comfortable use.


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