Backyard Revamp – Classic Cabin Ideas To Consider

When you’re thinking “It’s about time I revamped my home”, how often do you consider revamping your backyard too? Yes, the backyard is supposed to be an open space untouched by architecture, but you’d be surprised to see how much of a difference it can make to the overall look of your house. Owing to all that open space that’s available, there are a number of changes and additions you can make to it.

Backyard Revamp
Backyard Revamp

One of the easiest ways to revamp your backyard would be to build a cabin (or get one made). Cabins can be used for a plethora of purposes, and they most certainly add a rustic and earthy appeal too. Today, because of how versatile building plans have become, there are so many different shapes and sizes that you can build your cabin in.

Let’s look at some classic and feasible cabin plans for your backyard:

  1. The tiny one

A small cabin is most efficient because of the amount of space it takes up. If your backyard isn’t very big, or you don’t want to lose too much space in the cabin, a smaller sized one is ideal. Small cabins can be used for a number of purposes; storing things, doing small projects, keeping extra supplies and much more. And, of course, if you give it a classic look from the outside, it will blend right in with your surroundings too.

These small cabins are basically homes, and spacious, open floor plans make them look and feel big too. And who are these ideal for? Well, smaller families, people who are retired and want a space just to unwind in and even single people who are looking to keep a bachelor pad ready for times when solitude is a must!

When you check out the timber frame home plans by Hamill Creek, you’ll see how versatile and dynamic even a small timber frame cabin can be, and the utility and space it provides will take you by surprise!

2. Medium is just right

Let’s say you have a medium-sized family and want to be able to relax with them in your own little cabin; a smaller sized one might not suffice for this purpose. In such a case, fear not! Medium-sized timber frame cabins are the perfect fit. They encompass everything that your family might be looking for – rooms, storage space, lofts, space for recreation and also for relaxation. They are undoubtedly bigger than small cabins, but not too big to make you feel lost either.

What would the plan for a medium-sized timber cabin include?

  • Kitchen for families
  • Game rooms
  • Office space
  • Study and play areas
  • Storage compartments
  • Garage for vehicles
  • Bathroom space

And so much more.

These are also very versatile in nature and can be used for a number of purposes. Want to throw a cabin party? Alternatively, maybe just have a sweet spot where you can relax on a Sunday evening? A medium-sized cabin could be just the option for you.

  1. The larger the better
The larger the better
The larger the better

Now, some of us love everything large and spacious, so that includes the cabin in the backyard too. If the amount of space you have in your backyard permits it, you can always go for a large-sized timber frame cabin. This would, of course, have a lot more rooms and a lot more space to spare. These are typically perfect for larger families and gatherings and have so much more to offer than smaller or medium-sized cabins.

Luxury is vital when it comes to large timber cabins because it’s nothing short of having another home for yourself and your loved ones. These can hold suite rooms, as many as even five rooms based on the plan that you go for, and a large open kitchen is also very much possible. When it comes to playing areas and recreational space, there’s really no limit!

These are, for all the right reasons, much more expensive to set up and also take more time and work, but can be an absolute boon to your existing space if you pick the right plan!

Timber wood is probably one of the strongest and most reliable materials to use while building a cabin for your backyard. Check out timber frame home plans online to get a better idea of how versatile this material is, and also what types of plans you can implement with it. If all goes well, you’ll find that revamping your backyard is a fun project!


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