How Would You Start Your Kitchen Renovations?

If you have small kitchen premises, you need to decorate it with some essential planning and in this regard, you need to design wall mounted cabinets. But you cannot jump in on the kitchen renovation project because you need proper planning, layout, and a professional team to handle the renovation work. A kitchen renovation is an expensive affair because you need to spend quite an amount on kitchen cabinets, floor, lighting, and countertop, and plumbing lines. But before starting the renovation, you must sketch the layout for the renovation and discuss your requirements with your contractors.

Kitchen Renovation
Kitchen Renovation

Six Steps to Renovate Your Kitchen:

#1. Sketch the Layout: You need to leave some space between your refrigerators, stove and sink to ensure free mobility. Apart from that, you must install the refrigerator near the main room because people access the refrigerator for many purposes and they don’t need to enter the kitchen to access the same. So, the layout is very important, and you must sketch the layout for your kitchen renovation by a professional architecture.

#2. Cabinets: Designing cabinets for kitchens is a hectic task because you need to save your floor space and also maximize the storage capacity of your kitchen. In this case, you can install wall mounted cabinets with 42 inches height and you can store unused goods and utensils at the top of the cabinets. It is better to divide the cabinets into three parts and design the lower part with some glass doors to display your crockery sets.

#3. Backsplashes: To express your style and personality, install some backsplashes in your kitchen. You do not need to spend much on installing backsplashes, but you should choose durable backsplashes for your kitchen.

#4. Hardware: For a kitchen renovation, you need to buy hardware such as handles, cardboard, plywood, hinges, nails, screws and adhesives. It is suggested that you do not compromise on the quality of the hardware because they will be used on regular basis, and you need to choose some high-quality durable materials only.

Kitchen Renovation ideas
Kitchen Renovation ideas

#5. Lighting: The lighting of the kitchen will be like Christmas trees because you need to install LED lights as ceiling lights, and you must include some sports lights on the island and sink area which will play as supporting lights. You should always go for lights which are less expensive and have greater luminous power.

#6. Floor: This is a vital part of your kitchen renovation and you can choose ceramic tiles for your kitchen. They are less expensive and durable. Apart from that, you can easily maintain these floors in regular and easy ways. If you have a tighter budget, then you can always go for installing concrete flooring.

Renovate Your Kitchen Within A Short Budget:

If you renovate your kitchen and can maintain the same, in future you will get a greater resale value for your property. A kitchen renovation is an expensive task, but nowadays, you have various alternatives to save your budget. For example, you can reuse your old cabinets and repair the same to save your budget. You may not even have the need to change your lighting system if you have LED lights in your kitchen.

Kitchen renovation requires investment in time, money and efforts. It is a task involving coordination and teamwork and needs to be well-planned and thought out. Comparing price quotes and discussing requirements are integral steps in this direction. Unless you worked out completely about the financial and technical aspects of it, it won’t work. What are you waiting for? Look up renovators online and get cracking!


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