Automatic Gates – An Essential Investment

Automatic gates provide security and convenience to the owners who want to control or restrict access to their property.   These gates are used in both commercial and residential properties in the exteriors as well as interior areas. There are two essential components in an automatic gate, one is the physical gate, and the other is the machinery that moves the gate. Gate operators can be chain-driven, hydraulic or electrically-powered depending on the kind of operator.

As safety is an important consideration for any establishment, it is essential to equip the property with the right kind of gate. And, automatic gates rank high when it comes to the variety of options and safety features. These gates are available for different kids and suit all budgets.

Different Types of Automatic Gates

The commonly used automatic gate can be cantilever gate, swing gate, slide gate, vertical pivot liftgate, and barrier arm gate, vertical lift gate, and bi-folding gate.

  • The Slide Gate is the most common and uses rollers on the bottom to slide back and forth horizontally and across the gate opening.
  • Cantilever Gate is like a slide gate but does not use rollers but is supported from rails inside of the fence structure.
  • Swing Gate is hinged on one side and operates as a door. The gate typically makes a 90-degree arc between their open and closed positions.
  • Vertical Lift Gate moves vertically up and down over the gate opening and requires that strong vertical support towers to get installed.
  • Vertical Pivot Lift Gate rotate in and out of the gate opening and is supported by the gate operator entirely. It appears to be less obtrusive when compared to the vertical lift gates.
  • Bi-Folding Gate is made of two gate panels hinged together, which fold back onto themselves when allowing access.
  • Barrier Arm Gate is rotated in and out of the gate opening with the help of a vertical barrier arm.

As this is a onetime investment, you should ensure that the gate you select not only lasts you a long time but offers you complete safety and security.

Here are Some Good Reasons as to Why You Should Install Automatic Gates

  • There are advanced and sophisticated gadgets such as remote controllers, sensors, circuits within the gates to make them more efficient and attractive.
  • One can operate their automatic gate on a rainy day or a hot sunny day without the need to go outside or drive into your garage. You can operate them from within the comfort of your home or car.
  • Installation of automatic gates means an increased real estate value of the property due to the added security, safety and convenience these gates bring in.
  • As these gates come in great materials and appealing designs, you enjoy the increased aesthetic value and status. One can get the gates customized to their needs and go for the type and style they are looking for.
  • As the automatic gates are password protected, there is no entry to the outsiders, and one can enhance the safety further by installing a camera to monitor any movement around the gate or the residence.
  • Along with security and safety, the automatic gate should look stylish and be affordable too. It should offer the high-end features as well as fall within the budget.

Look at the design, styles, features and the material of the Automatic-Gates you are interested in to make the right choices. After all, it is an essential and one-time investment, and one cannot make mistakes here.


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