Interior paint colour trends in 2018 – You must know!

It isn’t a secret to state that paint color can easily change the look and feel of a room. Whether it is your bedroom you are talking about or the living room space, a simple change in color or paint texture will elevate the entire look of the place. It can even make the room feel completely different and new, without even changing a simple amenity from the place. However, choosing the right shade is no doubt tricky. So, it is time to get hands-on expert’s recommendations for inspiring the next big project.

Interior paint colour trends
Interior paint colour trends

It is time to head for the best interior paint color trends of this year 2018, which keep on changing with passing time.

  • Introducing Sage color:

It is the new “it” color on Pinterest and mostly chosen for the bathroom. It provides a tranquil and calm color to the place. Now, you must be wondering about the reason behind this color’s popularity. Well, the greyish green color is muted and rather soft, but not exactly boring.

  • Adding Marigold to the list:
Marigold Interior
Marigold Interior

People are now obsessed with the mustard yellow color. It is quite huge this year as well. It has that amazing retro 70s vibe to it, which will infuse that sense of happiness into your space.

  • That tone of ultraviolet:

The 2018 color of the year from Pantone is the bold and undeniably beautiful ultraviolet one. It is a perfect pick for those interior spaces, which are looking for provocative and dramatically thoughtful notion to the place. It is an ultimate example of purple shade, which is becoming quite common among masses.

  • That strong Crimson to the list:

Radiant, strong and full of energy – these three words describe Crimson the best. It is always a bold way to make a statement if you want to wow guests with your interior design. In case, you don’t want the things to be too dark, keep rest of room white for that amazing contrast. Make sure to select furniture of that light color base only.

  • Ocean Blue:

It is not just any kind of blue to come across but the famous Ocean Blue. This is a jewel-toned blue, which is also the color of wanderlust right for your place. It will definitely make you feel like you are on vacation, even if closest you are getting to island escape is your laptop’s wallpaper. You can make the colors pop out a little bit by adding contrasting white colored furniture.

  • Autumn maple for that touch of smoothness:
Autumn maple interior color ideas
Autumn maple interior color ideas

Autumn Maple is one of the most top-notch shades of 2018. Even though this is a notable color of the fall season, but it can match perfectly all year around mainly because of its fresh look. You can easily contrast it with some dark colored furniture, to make it pop out a little bit more.

These are few of the most promising interior paint colors of this year 2018. These colors are rather flexible and might end up changing within a few more months.


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