Bringing the outside in: 3 ways to Capture the essence of Autumn in your home

There is nothing cosier than watching the restless autumn winds sweep up crunchy colour-stained leaves and whisk them past the window while you hunker down beneath blankets on the couch. Autumn marks the end of summer barbeques and paddling pools but there’s no need to despair. Refresh your rooms for the upcoming season by bringing in a little taste of the time of year as you replace your summer dresses for jumpers and sandals for boots.

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Transform your interior with just a few simple tips and tricks and seasonalise your space whether you live in shared ownership properties in London or a cottage in the countryside.

Play with plants

How better to introduce the autumn into your home than giving it a sprinkling of nature. Whether you go down the route of artificial plants and hanging ivy or you collect a few leaves from the park to decorate your walls you can fill your home with mother nature’s song of the season in the way that suits you.

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Creating an autumnal wreath from collected leafy branches is not only a creative Sunday afternoon activity to do with the kids but will also add a touch of warmth and colour to any room. And if you’re looking for somewhere to be inspired every day by scenic English countryside there are properties for sale in Tunbridge Wells wrapped in rolling hills or houses for sale in Ebbsfleet, a garden town nestled in a valley thriving with grow your own food schemes that’ll bring you a little closer to what nature has to offer.

So, make a day of it and take the kids for a walk in the windy autumn weather and maybe pick up a few souvenirs on the way.

It’s all in the lights

Creating ambience is all down to the light you fill a room with. In the colder months, you want to feel snug and safe in your sheltered cove so get the candles out and create that golden glow mother nature does naturally.

nutmeg wood interior
nutmeg wood interior

With plenty of scents out there fill your space with something sweet and woody that really amplifies the scents of the season. Red berries and nutmeg wood will bring forward rich and relaxed notes and help you wind down with your hot chocolate.

For something with a little more spice choose pumpkin, cinnamon and vanilla aromas that create a calming and delicious fragrance throughout your home. Whether you’re looking to infuse your first home with warmth after looking everywhere for the perfect properties for sale in Greenwich or ignite a little more life in your older family home, a touch of delicate fragrance can transform the atmosphere of any home instantly.

Soften your space

The key to any cosy room is comfort so splash out on a few throws and cushions for the couch and make your lounge a luxurious haven for relaxation. With plenty of inspiration when it comes to colour, play with the burgundies and burnt turmeric tones that flatter this time of year.

classic plaid pattern bed design
classic plaid pattern bed design

A classic plaid pattern can really give your room a rustic feel combined with natural wood and worn leather. Experiment with rugs of all styles and shapes, not just giving your interior a much more comfortable feel but also helping to better insulate your home and retain heat. Chunky knits are also a great way to instil the cosiness. While looking great on us they do a few favours for your sofa too.

For a season that carries with it so much creative inspiration, don’t leave it all outside. You can spruce up your home no matter how far the autumn leaves are from your window with just a few changes that won’t cost the world. And if you’re looking to live somewhere that brings you close enough to the bright lights of the city while keeping you in touch with the natural landscapes the UK has to offer, there are houses for sale in Harrow and Barnet that do just that - visit Origin Housing for more information.


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