Easy Steps to Take Care of your Comforters

We all love a good night’s rest, nestled safely under a soft comforter that hugs your body and keeps you warm. But over time, with everyday use, comforters become unclean and no one bothers to buy bed comforters online every month. Body sweat, drools, food tidbits, pet fur, dust, and grime make comforters dirty.

interior Comforters
interior Comforters

Unlike bed sheets, comforters don’t need to be washed that frequently. Although, when you decide to give them for a wash, careful steps need to be taken because the less you wash them, the longer they retain use. No reason to worry here, you’ll find a lot of guides on how to store and clean your bed comforters, online – like this one! So here you go :

  1. Washing-
  • If you buy comforters online, first check whether it has holes and fix them, even the tiny ones can turn into big ones.
  • Stains should be taken care of immediately with a stain remover. Look for special stain cleaners or pre-cleaners to clean stains off comforters online.
  • Since most washing machines are too small to fit a comforter, it is better to give it a handwash in the bathroom or bathtub. Use cold water and mild detergent to do, otherwise, it may affect the softness of the comforter.
  1. Drying-
  • After having washed every inch and corner of the comforter, squeeze out the excess water as much as possible.
  • You might have to dry it in the dryer for a few hours, while regularly turning the folds so that no part remains damp.
  • Line drying is not a good option because there’s always a risk of catching fungus in the cotton.
  • If the filling of the comforter has lost its shape, lightly beat it back into shape with your hand.
  1. Storage-
  • During seasons when you no longer need the comforter, its best to store it safely in a dry place.
  • If you thought a huge plastic bag is a solution – you’re mistaken. Plastic does not let fabric breathe. The cotton or wool used to make the comforter needs to breathe, it needs ventilation.
  • A jute bag or a cotton cloth is the best way to fold and store your comforter in. You can buy these bags for storing comforters online.
bed comforters
bed comforters

One thing you need to be sure about after you buy bed comforters online is that you air it and fluff it for a while before use. This allows it to regain its original volume.

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