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Many homeowners above all struggle to make their home look respectable, welcoming and neat. The same should apply to a home office. Since that is the place where you would spend the bulk of your time working, you should definitely make it comfortable and cozy. Upcoming winter brings many new modern styles that are both functional and utilitarian.

Office Decor
Office Decor

Not only that, winter months attract warm colors, enlivening scents, and state-of-the-art furniture, so here are the essential tips to completely reshape your home office for this season.

  • Be bold with colors

You would be surprised what kind of wonders can a slight color change do to your home office. Plain white color can be rather tedious and sour to the eye, which can make you feel less productive. During winter days you should transform your office walls into more warm colors. Consider repainting the walls into golden, almond or fiery red color which would certainly spruce up the atmosphere. For an even more cozy touch, you can add a kinky gray vintage removable wallpaper on one side of the room. And to lit up the winter feel, consider placing wallpapers in different fabrics, shapes, and materials, and try to contrast them with wall paint.

  • Warm up with wood
Wooden Office
Wooden Office

Nothing screams winterly than classical wood. A perfectly decorated home office wouldn’t be complete unless you add some wooden details. It isn’t necessary to replace and throw out all your old stuff to put new wooden things, just add a slight detail. For instance, you can get an affordable wooden coaster for your morning coffee, or get wooden boxes and trays for storing your files. What is more, you can go more rustic and add wooden antique chairs or a unique picture frame that would blend nicely into the environment. Since brown is cozier then white, you can change your pencils and stationary to incorporate it with winterly ambient.

  • Go bigger

To increase the productivity and efficiency of your working space you must feel comfortable and satisfied in it. It is perfectly okay to take time to find your genuine style, however, winter is all about going big. Have a big fitted custom made bookshelf, or get comfy conference room chairs that would go along the entire wall. In that way, you would have enough space to place your computer and files and still have room for Christmas ornaments and family photos. What is more, you can place a large brownish ornamental rug that will perfectly fit the winter theme and still make a stunning aura to your home office.

  • Focus on the little things

“Less is more” statement doesn’t apply to the winter decoration. On the other hand, if you only feel like adding a slight touch of winter into your home office, then there is a solution too. You can easily reshape your office by placing silver curtains, or star-shaped sticker on your window. Also, put a warm woolen blanket on your chair, soft beige rug under your feet, or red smoothing lamp. An exceptional detail would be to install or build a fireplace that would keep you warm during chilly days. Nowadays you can find various types of fireplaces that can be placed anywhere and look lavishing in all surroundings.

  • Comfy embellishments
Home office traditional ornaments
Home office traditional ornaments

As the winter approaches, stores are getting full of ornaments ready to occupy any house. Adding those traditional ornaments into your home office is quite easy, but you should raise the bar and make your fellow colleagues envy when they see your workstation. Add snow-white sheepskin as a chair cover, bring in woven baskets instead of plastic or metal ones, place vivid cinnamon scented candles which you could light up at any time. Furthermore, when everything outside gets brown, cold and leafless, don’t bring the same atmosphere inside. Rather bring in a vase of flowers or potted plant which you could place on your working desk. With these smooth embellishments, you will utterly revamp your home office into impeccable winter ambiance.

Tailoring your home office into a unique winter decor is certainly not an easy task. But with these little tricks, you will incorporate a truly warm winter style that will make everybody feel welcomed and relaxed.


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