Tips for choosing a good mattress

Do you know that you are going to spend a third of your life in bed? Since you are going to be spending a whole lot of time on your bed, it is important that you choose a good one.

Sleeping on a wrong mattress can cause back or chest pain and sore muscles. On the other hand, sleeping on a good mattress will not only improve your general health but also your sleeping experience.

good mattress
good mattress

Since a mattress can make or break a good night sleep, it is critical that you focus your efforts on getting the right one.  Below are some tips that can help you choose a mattress that will suit your needs.

Talk to your doctor

Talking to your doctor before buying a mattress is very important especially if you have a health condition. Your physical therapist or doctor may not be able to recommend the best mattress for you obviously because they are doctors, not mattress specialist. But since they know about your health condition, they may have some great advice for you.

The size of your bedroom

The size of your bedroom is something you must take into account before visiting a mattress shop. If your bedroom is massive, then you can go ahead and buy a king-sized bed. On the other hand, if your bedroom is small, a large bed will not be good for you. Having a reasonable amount of space around your bed will go a long way in improving your sleeping experience.

The firmness of the bed

Many people have the notion that firm a mattress is more comfortable to sleep on. But that is not exactly true. You see, new research shows that a hard or firm mattress can negatively affect sleep quality. Buying a moderately firm mattress is a better option. If you are a heavy person or you feel a firm mattress will be good for you, then you should buy it.

Do your research

Before heading to the mall to buy the most comfortable mattress you can find, it is important that you do some research to get background knowledge of mattress. The fact that a mattress is firm doesn’t mean it will be good. If you are a heavy person, you may need to do some extensive research to find a suitable mattress for a heavy person (you can look here for some tips).

Visit a different store

It is surely going to be difficult or impossible for you to tell if a bed will be good for you simply by seeing a picture of it. Visiting different stores will give you the room to explore different styles, designs and shapes of mattresses.

Lie on it

Before buying any mattress, it is essential that you try it. Since we are different, no particular bed will be suitable for everybody. Our weight, build and a handful of other factors usually determines the type of mattress that will be good for us.

Make sure you lie on the mattress you want to purchase for at least 10 minutes to get a real feel of it. If you have a partner, both of you should lie on it together. Don’t let the salesperson hurry you; take your time to see whether the mattress would be good for you.


Truth be told, new mattresses are expensive. And there is no assurance that the mattress you pick will perfect for you or will help ease your body ache. Of course, you have the freedom to try out a mattress for a couple of minutes before making a purchase in most stores. But how can you tell if the mattress you are about to purchase will work for you in the long run?

So, when you need a new mattress, visit a store that offers a money back guarantee. This way, you can test the mattress for a month, knowing that can return it if you are not satisfied with it.

Don’t know where to start your search for the right mattress?

Well, you can start by paying attention to how you feel after sleeping on a bed other than your own. If the bed improved your sleep quality, jot down the name, model and the mattress company.

This will help you narrow down the kind of mattress that will suit your needs.

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