Outdoor Upgrades That Make Your Home More Valuable

Deciding to sell your house might be a difficult decision to start with, but upgrading its value can be a demanding task as well. An outdoor area is a pivotal place where every family member likes to spend their time, so it is of utmost importance to make considerable improvements in order to increase its value. Before the potential buyer steps into your outdoor space here are some of the upgrades that will add value to your home.

  • Add an outdoor room
Outdoor Living room
Outdoor Living room

If you are looking to make major outdoor improvements then you should focus on making beautiful and productive living space. Adding an extension to your backyard and making an entertaining area will definitely attract potential buyers. Consider adding a fabulous outdoor kitchen with fancy gas grill and wood-burning fireplace, add an elegant bench and a large dining table. If you are renovating for the purpose of sale, make it more attractive and intimate. Create a space for relaxation, reading, family games, and dining by adding television, stunning backyard furniture and nice flooring. Those slight changes would improve the house and they wouldn’t cost much.

  • Replenish the landscape
Outdoor landscaping
Outdoor landscaping

What every homeowner wants is to completely enjoy in the luscious landscaping. Giving extra bucks to improve the landscaping will most surely be productive in the long run. You can hire experts from Jonishan Contractors that would do a quality long-term backyard makeover. From landscaping, tree removal, installing a flagstone driveway to doing major renovations such as house footing, they will do it all. Once everything is rejuvenated, you can add dazzling stone planters and plant a handful of flowering shrubs.

  • Boost up the greenery

Adding life to your backyard demands little budget but definitely accents the value of your property. Bare areas around the house where nothing seems to grow should be enlivened with plants. To add freshness to a tired yard there is nothing better than planting vivid plants and colourful flowers. You can add perennial flowers that will grow throughout all seasons such as Daylily, Peony or Daisy. Not only will they add mesmerizing colour to your garden, but flowers will attract any home buyer. If you plant a tree it will sustain time and age, and that outdoor upgrade will never decrease the value of your home.

  • Install a Backyard Deck
Backyard Deck
Backyard Deck

If you don’t happen to have a terrace or patio, then installing one or adding a deck is a must when listing your house for sale. Enhancing and expanding your backyard patio will absolutely improve your house value. What is more, expanding your living space in the form of decking can enhance the housing price since it doesn’t require much work. Building a deck will give you the highest return of your investment, and you can go up and cover it with either permanent roofing or a retractable awning to enjoy sunny and warm days. Backyard decks can have multiple uses from having a birthday party to simply relaxing in a mild breeze and reading a book, so any buyer would like the idea of having one.

  • Spruce up the details

Sometimes adding little details yet beautiful can transform the entire outlook of your backyard. You can start by adding outdoor lighting around your house, you can even install vintage lanterns to create a magical ambience. Also, you can install buried sprinkle system that would certainly make your lawn look more appealing. Mow and fertilize your lawn and if the needed seed or fill in holes with new sod. Those minor improvements don’t cost much but can raise the price of your house.

  • Make an impression

As you are approaching the house, the first thing that pops up is your front door and yard. The lucrative investment would also be to improve the curb appeal and entrance of your front yard. You don’t have to spend loads of money to make an impression, just focus on the essentials. First of all clean and de-clutter the front yard, trim the hedges, replace the old garage door, get a new doorknob, paint the fence and front door. In the end to top it all up, add new mulch around and plant succulents in the flower bed.

A backyard is the extension of your house, so upgrade it as you would the interiors. By reshaping it you would certainly add a significant value to your house.


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