Blue is the New Black – 5 Ways to Incorporate It into Your Home

Blue is a calming color that is not difficult to incorporate into your home but still requires some finesse. It can be a welcoming addition to your color scheme or a dominant shade that will define the space. Whatever you choose, blue will certainly refresh your home with its many tones and the following inspirational styles.

1. Blue furniture

Blue Furniture
Blue Furniture

If you want to truly open up your space to natural elements, then opt for blue furniture. Shelves and couch are perfect for trying out the blue at your home. If you plan to go with blue furniture, you need to decide upon other colors in the room.
Beige and white will allow blue to pop, even if you choose darker shades. Neutral colors, in general, would go well with the blue, but for redefined and bolder décor you can use shades of red and yellow. Be careful with earthy tones like brown and orange since not every shade goes well with blue.

2. Blue is in the details

Blue Interior
Blue Interior

Accessories are an important part of everyone's home, but instead of thinking about them as mere decorations – give them character. Flamboyantly blue glass ornaments like vases, bowls, and plates can look great in combination with neutral colors. Paintings with blue elements will add elegance to your walls, and also bring joyous elements.
When it comes to cushions, if your sofa is a darker color, use lighter shades of blue and vice versa. Since blue is a color from nature, it will fit well with rustic and organic environments. Just adjust the tones so that it wouldn't get lost in other colors in your home.

3. Blue in the texture

Blue in texture interior
Blue in texture interior

Wallpapers with blue elements and figures are easier to combine with other colors in your home, especially if you have wooden furniture. Dinnerware set with blue ornaments speaks of tradition and elegance, while blue glasses are for more modern and sophisticated looks. But beware that combinations are not all created from cool colors since that can make everything look washed out.

When thinking about blue textures, add them to the warmer color spectrum to gain exuberance. With rich earthy colors, you will easily create a décor with personality and anchor the cooling elements of blue.

4. Blue on the walls

Blue walls interior
Blue walls interior


Light blue is nothing new when it comes to painting the walls since it will always be a popular color. However, darker blue is both intriguing and challenging at the same time since it requires an expert matching between the color and environment.
For example, if you live in a region with a lot of sun like Australia you will have enough natural light to complement the dark shade. As ASAP Sydney Painters advise, it’s important to have a professional color consultant in order to create your own personal style and achieve the best look.

5. Blue is for bathroom

<a  href=
Blue bathroom interior" width="1280" height="720" /> Blue bathroom interior

It may seem like the usual choice, but with little imagination, blue can do wonders for your bathroom. Instead of going for typical blue tiles, don’t be afraid to try something different and incorporate this color elsewhere. Opt for dark blue standalone tub made of stone that will be the centerpiece of your bathroom.
You can also paint the wooden storage furniture into the light blue that will fit nicely with white fixtures like sinks and copper faucet. Since blue is a soothing color, you will create a true spa atmosphere that will help you relax.


Blue interior design
Blue interior design

Blue is the color of freedom, openness of space and vastness of the sky. Incorporating it into your home, you will create layers and invite nature inside. Just know what you want and pay attention to other colors so you would achieve a harmonious interior design.


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