Why Would You Design A One Bedroom Granny Flat?

A one bedroom granny flat is normally designed for accommodating one or two people. It is rather an all-inclusive living area which includes facilities like laundry, wardrobe, kitchen space and parking options. You can design a one bedroom granny flat for your grandparents and they can easily stay in their own flats independently. Apart from that, you can also conduct some small party in your granny flat and you can also rent out this flat for a small family to earn some amounts.

Design A One Bedroom Granny Flat
Design A One Bedroom Granny Flat

What Are the Advantages of Building One Bedroom Granny Flats?

In the construction industry, a one bedroom granny flat is commonly referred to as an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) or just simply an accessory apartment. There are also other terms used in connection with this like in-law apartment, granny pod, casita, bonus unit, carriage unit, and so on. Some people build a one bedroom granny flat for the purpose of accommodating young adults in the family or even nannies. In some places, they are used as rental units, though there are some strict zonal laws governing the construction of these structures.

1. As per the observations made by builders and real estate experts, a one bedroom granny flat adds more value to your property, and if you sell your property in future you will get a decent value. As multigenerational accommodation is gaining wide acceptance in different parts of the world, there is so much of scope for these kinds of flats.
2. As mentioned above, there are many amenities available in a one bedroom granny flat, and a majority of these flats serve as a miniature model of a complete housing design. Some granny flats may have provision for only restricted space for the kitchen so as to keep a microwave and a mini refrigerator. Because of their limited space, the safety concerns are very less as compared to a fully-fledged kitchen unit.
3. One of the ongoing trends in the granny flats category is the granny pod. It comes with advanced facilities like monitoring the status of an inmate through remote access and you can use the pre-set medication dispenser for your grandparents. Even you can also buy granny flat kits to design your one bedroom granny flat and they are very cost effective.

One Bedroom Granny Flat ideas
One Bedroom Granny Flat ideas

Difficulties Involved in Incorporating a Granny Flat

Though granny flat is a fairly good concept, there are so many hurdles which come along while you are planning to add one to your residential area. These include zoning laws, municipal regulations, building restrictions, neighbourhood interventions, and many more. As there are strict regulations involved in constructing granny flats, a majority of the homeowners choose to ignore the regulations while converting an already existing structure like a garage. In fact, sometimes new constructions turn out to be quite expensive. Further, extra expenses may be incurred for connecting facilities like driveways, parking options, etc. So now you can easily build your one bedroom granny flat on your garage and you do not need to get permission for the same. Still, you can contact the contractor or builder in this regard and they will help you to get permission from the municipality.

Other than offering an ample amount of living space, granny flats offer many other benefits as well. In fact, there is an additional level of security which comes along with a tenant occupying the same property, particularly if the apartment is situated by the side or backward. As per many studies, senior citizens are at their best when they have a lot of social interactions, and having their younger family members living close. Moreover, the family members living in close proximity can easily monitor the health conditions of the aged.


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