7 Tips to Choose Bathroom Tile Colours

The bathroom is an integral part of our house and we cannot ignore its importance. When we are working on designing our bathrooms, one of the most important things is choosing the tile colours and scheme. There are hundreds of diverse wall, floor and feature tiles to consider, as well as adiversity of colour schemes, then there’s deciding on ceramic or porcelain.

Whether you are designing a new bathroom or renovating an old one, you need some professional help from someone. Renovation professionals in PortMacquarie are doing a great job at this. Just set your budget and visit one of the professionals there. They will help you in choosing what design and colour would go well with your bathroom. Also here you will find lots of inspiration and pictures so you can better imagine how a certain colour will look in your bathroom.

Here are 7 tips to choose the right tile colour for your bathroom:

  1. Black and white

You might think to select dark tiles in your bathrooms are best for hiding dirt, but regrettably, it isn’t so. Choosing dark tiles won’t reduce the amount of cleaning work in your home and any mess will stand out just as badly on white tiles. It’s best to go with a colour that’s in the middle. For this choose grey tiles for they make a good contrast with white tiles.

  • Choose neutral colours

Neutral colours for bathroom give a soothing look to it. One of the neutral colours is beige. It’s a common color scheme that people use because you can easily add your own colours with this easily when you accessorize the room and it won’t clash with anything.

  • Watery colour scheme

Adding blue to your bathroom tiles always gives a soothing and fresh feeling. It provokes the feeling of being near an ocean or water. You can use the geometric outline of waves to make cool, breezy, mood withoutnecessarily adding a cast of characters to your bathroom.

  • The natural earth-toned colour scheme

If you wish to give your bathroom tiles natural earth toned look without necessarily you can go for green tiles on the walls and shades of brown on the floor and bathtub. You can select shades of beige and green. These combinations make a perfect blend.

  • Patterned tiles

If you want a stylish bathroom, then light coloured patterned tiles are a great choice. Patterned tiles are much easier to work on. You don’t have to spend more time thinking about mixing and matching other colours with it.

  • Glossy wall tiles

Light coloured glossy tiles like white, grey, light pinks or blues can look good on your bathroom wall. These glossy tiles should not be used on the floor though. They must only be used on the walls. These tiles can reflect light and make your bathroom feel spacious.

  • Go bold

If you are choosing colours for your bathroom tiles why not go bold? You can try vivid green tiles on the floor and in your bathtub to give it a bold look. Howeveruse lighter shades on the floor.

So the colour of your bathroom has a great impact. Choose carefully!


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