Open-Plan Home Design: Yay, Nay, or Here to Stay?

Trends come and go and affect practically every area of our lives. We follow makeup and fashion trends, we’re concerned with the latest diet trends and do our best to keep up with sustainability trends. Still, trends in modern homes are something else: they can significantly change and improve our lives, and it doesn’t come as a surprise that the latest craze has been drawing attention. Open-plan home designs have become popular for a good reason, but not everyone is thrilled with the idea. Read on to discover whether this design has everything you need.

Better view

Homeowners who pride themselves at being excellent hosts and who love to have friends and family come over for dinner and movies will love open-plan homes. This layout will give you much more social space because you will be able to communicate with people who are sitting in the living room or at the dining room table while you’re preparing a meal in the kitchen. The same goes for parents: you will be able to see your children playing or doing their homework at the dining room table while you’re watching TV or reading in the living room. It goes without saying that the area where kitchen and dining room come together also becomes the place where people come together, and you’ll find it easy to multi-task, simultaneously wiping up dishes and chatting with friends.

More light

Another thing people usually crave in their homes is more natural light, and with an open-plan design, this can finally become a reality. Because this is the simplest way to bind the front with the back of the house, you can use all the natural light you have access to, as there aren’t any walls to block it out. The space itself is multifunctional and light-filled, and you can have a beautiful view of your garden or even the street. This type of design allows light to travel throughout the room and you can fill the room with plants which will enjoy it and thrive. Not to mention that you will cut down on electricity costs too!

You still need some dividers

Even though open space seems bigger and has plenty of light, there will definitely come the time when you’ll crave some privacy. Peace and quiet are easiest to get within your own four walls, and open space might go on your nerves. If you feel like you could use some privacy from time to time, you could always get bi-folding doors or light curtains to separate different areas of your home. These solutions aren’t permanent, and you can always get your open space back in an instant.  

The best of both worlds

It seems, however, that the majority of modern homes these days manage to successfully combine different layout options. This is a compromise and a great way to get the best from both open and closed design. People usually choose to keep more spacious rooms on the main level: dining rooms, living rooms, and kitchens, and they keep separate rooms on the second floor. The best thing is that you can easily remove entire or just parts of old walls in order to create a single, unified room, and this is a great way to compromise between open and closed floor plans. If you’re thinking about modifying your home to get more open space, you should consult professionals. Experts from Precision Planning will be able to help you make your vision come to life and get exactly what you wanted.  

Less art on walls

Art enthusiasts might not like this open-plan home idea after all, as it doesn’t give you enough walls to hang your favorite art on. If you’re an art enthusiast and can’t imagine your home without beautiful pictures and paintings, you might want to consider hanging them above the fireplace or in the hallways. Be careful when choosing the right place for displaying art, though, as there are some delicate pieces that might get damaged by direct sunlight.

Seamless transition

Open-plan has another great thing that keeps people coming back for more, and that’s the multi-functional nature of the space you obtain. Even though your kitchen is for cooking, it can become much more: it’s also a place where friends and family members can come together to talk and keep you company while you’re preparing a meal (or cleaning up after one). With fewer walls and obstacles, you can easily move the furniture around and redecorate whenever you want.

It’s no secret that everyone could use a bit more space in their home, be it for toys, books, pets, or more fluffy blankets, and open-plan home design can help you out. Your family and friends will love the fact that your home seems more open and inviting, and you’ll love the fact that cleaning up has become much easier than it was before.


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