Phases in the House Building Process

Building a house is definitely a process that takes time and money to complete. However, you also need to make sure that each segment of the build is executed right. This means building in phases in order not to forget or skip an important step. Nobody would like to see a house without heat isolation just because the builders forget to install it. That is why it is important to be consistent and know which phases constitute the erecting of any house.

Pouring the foundation

First things first, the construction crew needs to level the site and clear it of any debris such as tree stumps. Then a hole for the house’s foundation can be poured. Once the hole had been dug up, proper wooden forms need to be installed to support the surrounding ground from collapsing. After footings are installed, it is time to call the cement truck and start pouring concrete into the foundation. Once the concrete cures after a couple of days, then you are ready for the next step.

Erecting rough framing

Once you have the foundations set, it is time to build up. Next phase in the building of your house is building floor, wall and roof system that will form the skeleton of your future home. This period is characterized by intensive wood processing as this outer shell of the house is mostly built from timber and plywood. You also need to provide sheeting to protect this fragile structure from the elements so that all that wood does not rot away.

Plumbing and power installations

Once the shell is ready, it is time to install the plumbing and the electric grid. Pipes and wire should be extended through the structure according to the blueprints. After that, don’t forget to lay down sewer pipes in special holes you left when pouring the concrete base. Also, connect the water supply in the kitchen and the bathroom. Don’t forget to double check the joints in the tub and in the shower. Also, if you have air-conditioning don’t forget AC ducts too. All the wire and pipes that go into the house should be shielded, so be sure to have the roof installed before this, or at least cover the structure.

Installing insulation

Once the pipes and wires are installed, you are ready to insulate the walls. This action is important for creating a micro-climate inside the house so you can regulate air temperature better. Leaving concrete walls bear will result in a huge energy loss, your family being cold, and your utility bills skyrocketing. These are all reasons why reliable concrete waterproofing and insulation is necessary for any home.

Finishing the walls

Wall surfaces are ready for the final touch both on the inside and the outside. On the inside, drywalls textures should be done and the primer coat of paint is applied. On the outside wall surfaces it is time to install exterior finishes such as additional bricks or stones.

Finishing up the interior

Once the structure is rounded, it is time to close all the gaps. Put the windows and doors in their frames and secure them. Also, you can start installing the furniture at this phase. Cabinets, vanities, and wardrobe should go in first since they are bulksome. After them, you can move to smaller pieces of furniture, like mirrors, sofas, and chairs. On the outside, it is time to tend to the pathways and other garden accessories.

Taking care of the floors

After you install the countertops in the kitchen area, it is time to move to the floors. There are several types to choose from. Ceramic tiles can be placed in the kitchen and in the bathroom, while hardwood floors are ideal for the living room or the bedroom. At this point, you can finish the roof drainage and start landscaping the yard.

Installing bathroom fixtures

Your bathroom has to be finished up by this time. Install outlets and the lights. Also, don’t forget to connect the air-conditioning in the bathroom and install the fan. Sinks and toilets should have been installed by now, but be sure to check if they are operating correctly. Also, swipe up all the dust as the bathroom has to be a sanitary area.

Bathroom Tiles
Bathroom Tiles

The final touch and the cleanup

Once the furniture is in place, tending to the details is up next. This is the time to install showers doors, mirrors, carpeting, polish the doorknobs; in one word, to turn a construction site into a proper home. Your backyard should be complete by now, just take off the trash that the construction crew might have left. The final walkthrough should including the inspection of all the fixtures. Take notes of all the things that need to be corrected or adjusted because it is easier to do so before extensive use.

Finally, don’t forget to plan everything ahead and stick to that plan. The phrases listed here are there to help you stay focused.


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