Awesome Ways to Put that Garden Shed to Good Use

If you are like so many homeowners, the one thing you really need is a garden shed. You can only store so many things in the garage and the attic is inaccessible for larger items. Besides, it’s never been properly closed in and insulated. Since you already have it in mind to get that shed you so desperately need, why not think about all the other innovative ways you can put that shed to good use?

Remember, it’s not built yet, so you can play with size a bit! Why go to the time and expense to build a garden building if it’s only going to house tools and gardening equipment? For a little bit more, you could have extra living or storage space as well. Here are some awesome uses you may not have thought of.

That Home Office Away from the Din

Garden Shed
Garden Shed

One of the reasons so many homeowners turn to Armstrong Steel for custom designed storage buildings is so that they have somewhere to set up a home office away from all the noise and confusion of everyday family life. Their metal storage units can be prefabricated to your specifications and you are also given the freedom to divide them into one or more rooms. Insulate them, put up walls and ceilings, including a window and an extra door and you’ve just expanded your living space by that much more!

Artist’s Workshop


No matter what kind of ‘art’ you dabble in, a garden shed can give you a place to create undisturbed. Just remember to position it well so that the windows you install can allow for the maximum amount of daylight. If you use power tools, make sure you have an electrician wire your building to meet safety codes and if you are going to use a lot of power, you might want to consider installing solar panels on the roof.

A Place to House Solar Panels


This would be a perfect time to reduce your energy bills by installing a solar roof on your garden building. What better use can you think of than collecting all that free energy from the sun to be used to power many of the electronics you have in your newly built home office and even within the home as well? You just laid a new roof on the house a few years back, so that is not an option. Your new garden shed can give you all the space you need for solar panels, so make sure to factor that into your diagram when ordering a building to your specifications. Don’t forget to research how best to locate those panels on a roof.

Countless Ways to Enjoy a Garden Building


In the end, you can use that extra building for anything from a playroom for the kids, to a place to entertain guests on warm summer days. What you need to consider is the quality of the materials you will be using to build your new garden shed. Oddly, the word “shed” doesn’t begin to describe all the ways in which you can use that building and for just a little more in cost, you can have what amounts to another cottage on your property. Take the time to plan well and you will find countless ways to enjoy that lovely new garden building.


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