5 DIY Tips Organize Your Kitchen & Get More Space

Do you have difficult to organize the kitchen and make space for working in it? Then you have come to the right place to look for solutions. What happens is, while working in the kitchen there never seems to be enough space to work efficiently. That’s because of the propensity to congest the kitchen and the worktop where you cook. Working in a congested space is the worst possible thing to imagine. So it is vital to organize the kitchen for making extra space in it.

diy kitchen ideas
DIY kitchen ideas

We have come up with some very useful tips on how you can improve the organization and neatness around the kitchen.

  1. Collect the measuring spoons discreetly in a jar close to the stove
    Measuring spoons and teaspoons and tablespoons always tend to go missing around the kitchen. They somehow plainly lay in several different stalls and drawers around the kitchen and are so hard to find when you want them. Well, here is an idea, what you have to do is collect the spoons together and put them in a single container or jar close to your stove.  That way, all of the spoons will remain together and it will be convenient for you to find them when you need and it will save up a lot of space in the kitchen as well. Just make the jar into a spoon holder.
  2. Turn lidded container into store pots in your kitchen
    See through lidded containers make into great storage pots for storing necessary items in the kitchen. So bring out any extra pot or urn that you have and stack up to the everyday kitchen items and small tool in it and put them in the junk drawer in your kitchen. That way when you are looking for an item you can see through the lids and take it out without creating a mess and saving up drawer space as well.

3.Retain the chopping boards in magazine holders

Chopping board consumes a lot of room in the kitchen worktop. The boards just congest the kitchen top if you don’t put them in a particular place once you are done working with them.  Considering that these are larger items in your kitchen are, you should allocate a particular place to store them as we and magazine holders are just the ideal option. Magazine holders have compartments in them which make it better for storing long and thick items. Magazine holders make great holders for chopping boards and give your kitchen an organized look.

  1. Pile up cookie sheets using LEGO’s
Two tone kitchen units
Two tone kitchen units

LEGO’s are brilliant to keep thin items stacked up, in this case, the cookie sheets. Use old LEGO bricks from your kid’s old toys to make excellent tools for stacking cookie sheets. This idea is a great space maker in your kitchen and ideal for all those who love baking and have a lot of baking papers and cookie sheets around the kitchen.

  1. Retain your silver cutleries by placing in the dishwasher

Accumulate all your silver spoons and forks and other similar items and load them up in the dishwasher. This is a great way to save the space around the kitchen and it also makes it super easy to unload the silver cutleries as well when you need to.


Your kitchen is your sanctuary and being one of the most important places in the house it has to be kept tidy and organized at all times. These useful DIYs are super easy to create and you can easily find these items in your household to organize the kitchen and create more space in it.


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