Interior Design Trends 2019: What We Expect

Now that we’re safely into 2019, it means another year of amazing, powerful trends, newly designed interior spaces and countless opportunities to make the most out of spaces which require a little updating and transforming to get with the times. Although trends are ever-changing, it doesn’t mean we have to stick to modern styles and designs. You should know that old trends always make a comeback one way or another. Just like vintage style décor, geometric patterns and even 70’s chic décor.

Interior Design Trends
Interior Design Trends

Are we ready for new decorating styles, patterns, timeless accessory pieces and an open mindset to take on old styles? Well, we are and we’re glad you’ve joined us. Here are our 2019 interior design trend expectations!

Say Hello To Velvet

Velvet was once seen as old fashioned and not good looking but now the tables have turned! In 2018 we saw the comeback of velvet, with many finding comforts in a range of velvet furnishings such as sofas, chairs and cushions. This year, however, we believe we’ll see the multi-dimensional fabric gaining more attention. Velvet is luxurious and is ideal for rooms that are looking for an elegant but modern style. If you value comfort, you have to try velvet.

Bold Geometric Patterns

Welcome the new and improved trend of geometric patterns. They offer a dramatic presence that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, as well as oversized patterns that make a positive impact on anyone and everyone. If you’re looking to make a bold statement in any room, an easy way to incorporate patterns is by adding geometric throws. They’re affordable and will keep you cosy so it’s a win for all involved! You could also go on the hunt for geometric art pieces that you could hang on walls.

Vintage Lighting

Vintage Lighting
Vintage Lighting

There’s nothing quite like vintage lighting to light up your life, literally. You will often see vintage lighting in bars, pubs and restaurants to match with their unique décor. It’s lighting that is less exposed and centred around vintage pendants and scones, either in brass or copper finishes.

We’re confident 2019 is the year it will take not only homes by storm but many businesses too! Why not give your living room a vintage makeover with various lighting styles and designs available, we don’t think you can go wrong with this growing trend.

Multi-Functional Furnishings

What better way to optimise and save space than with multi-functional furniture? With a good percentage of us leaning more towards city life and living, it makes a lot of sense to introduce smart, multi-purpose furniture that ultimately saves a lot of space. This is a trend that will certainly make a splash this year, and for those contemplating moving into an apartment or a house this year, trust us when we say that multi-functional furniture is the way to go – it also saves you money too! Bespoke furniture has also become quite popular within recent years, from bespoke doors to cabinets, coffee tables and wardrobes – something to think about!

Matte Finishes – Yes Please

Matte finishes are very attractive and alluring, there’s no wonder people are customising their cars with it. Matte finishes provide a simplistic, relaxed and futuristic appeal that we all seem to love! With a matte, you need to go smart or go home. Know where you want it exactly and will it match the rest of the interior? Important decisions.

For ultra-cool looks throughout your interior, you can look for matte finished furnishings that offer hues and silhouettes.

Bucket Sinks

This is a trend that many would not see coming, but it’ll be here soon so, get used to it! Bucket sinks are also known as Trough sinks, they join the list of vintage furnishings and make a real impact on any interior. They provide great individuality and true character with their style, although they’re farmhouse inspired, they are ideal for cottage style interiors or the minimalistic apartment even.

Copper Accents

Copper Accents
Copper Accents

2018 had risen gold as one its trends, now it’s copper’s time to shine in 2019. Copper possesses red and orange tones, providing an earthy hue which is a different and very characterful addition to any room. Copper accents can be used with a mixture of other metals, but if you’re looking for something a little different and trendy, here’s your chance.

Be sure to watch out for all of the trends that will come this year, we hope we’ve at least given you a tiny bit of inspiration to give your interior a little makeover or helped with your ideas at least. If you have any interior design trend expectations that you think will take 2019 by storm, feel free to let us know, we’d love to hear them!


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