Hygge: The Perfect Emerging Design Style For Winter

Hygge is the practice of creating comfort, relaxation and contentment are well known in Scandinavian nations, particularly Denmark. Meant to help long winters be more enjoyable, hygge means surrounding yourself with loved ones, cosy interiors and fun activities that help you unwind. Pronounced “hoo-gah,” one of the most contemporary ways of embracing hygge is using it as a way to transform a home into an oasis of warmth and comfort during winter.

Hygge Winter interior design
Hygge Winter interior design

There are lots of elements you can focus in on while designing a space that reflects the spirit of hygge to get through the short days and frigid temps.


One major element that can go a long way is what colour to base your design around. Select relaxing or muted colours to help create a soothing, calm space. No matter the colour or material of your walls, furniture or decor, try to keep to soft hues and solids when going for a hygge-based design. Light beige, creams, greys, soft blues and yellows can all be great options to build your colour story around for hygge. While contrasting colours can elevate your design style, patterns and vibrant colours can often have the opposite effect of hygge as they act as visual stimulants. Since hygge is entirely personal, use your own taste and style as a guide when surrounding yourself with the colours that calm you the most.


Hygge interior lighting
Hygge interior lighting

Your lighting choices should reflect the atmosphere you’re trying to create. Whether that be task lighting with floor lamps for reading in a comfortable chair, or recessed options or dimmable bulbs if snuggling for a movie night is more your speed. You can even have fun with string lights as accent pieces or additional lighting in darker corners. Candles and fireplaces can also be cosy ways to play with lighting. The proper lighting can go a long way in helping ambience, so base your choices around what mood works best for what activities you’ll be doing in the space.


Comfort in the winter is all about the layers, that goes for both your wardrobe and your interior design. Details can get lost among soft colours that lend themselves to hygge like creams, soft greys and monochromatic palettes. Add depth with accent pillows and visual interest with throw blankets in comfy fabrics like fleece and plush knits. Consider what activities will go along with your idea of hygge and build your decor around it in varied finishes and materials. Mix soft silk accent pillows with woollen rugs and plush throw blankets, so no matter where and how you use the space everyone can be wrapped in comfort.


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Hygge also incorporates companionship and the feeling of togetherness as its focus. Feature smaller, separate conversation areas with seating by positioning chairs facing each other and couches that face outwards into the room. Work with what you have, or if you’re looking to redo your room there are plenty of places to look for affordable ways to update and tailor your seating layout. From adding upholstered ottomans for functional, additional seating, to looking at online selections of sofas and sectionals to save time on shopping.

While hygge is the most effective during the cold winter months, it’s a practice that can ensure self-care and be mindful of daily wellbeing and gorgeous interiors all year round. Planning your design around your comforts and as a welcoming space for relaxation and friends are just some of the benefits of hygge, plus at the end, you’ll have a functional home that you love!


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