Five Tips for Finding a Moving Company

Finding a professional, reliable moving company is a crucial step in planning your transition to a new home. Moving is always stressful, but there are ways to ease the process. The right moving company will help you handle things, treat your items with care, and bill you professionally. In the worst-case scenario, movers may fail to show up on time, your possessions might be broken or lost, and you could even end up being billed a small fortune. So how do you go about finding the right moving company for you? Here are five tips to help you save yourself future headaches.

Check Which Movers Service Your Area

New HomeStart by checking which movers service both the area where you live, and where you will move. Spending time searching Google for ‘best moving companies’, will be for nothing if the companies your research don’t operate in your area. Selecting local companies also has the advantage that you might know someone who has used their services before. Hearing someone’s first-hand experience is invaluable in this situation.

Dig Into Online Reviews

Once you’ve narrowed the list down to a handful of companies, look into their online reviews. Check more than one review site, scroll through all the contributions, and look at pictures that reviewers might have attached. Chances are that if the company you’re looking at has been careless or shady in the past, unhappy clients will have vented their anger online. While it is normal for most businesses to have one or two bad reviews, due to isolated mistakes or prickly clients, any more than that should be seen as a big red flag.

Make a List of Moving Services Offered

If you have special items to move—such as pianos or furniture that is particularly large, old, or fragile—make sure that that is on the list of services offered by the moving company you’re researching. If you’re not sure, or if the exact list of services isn’t given on the website, either call or send them an email. At this point, it is also helpful to research or ask about the equipment that the moving company owns. While some companies say they can handle fragile, heavy, or valuable items without problems, seeing that they have the equipment to back up the claims is a big plus.

Check How Long the Company Has Been in Business

Generally, it is a good idea to see how long the movers you are considering have been in business. While it’s absolutely possible for brand new companies to provide great service, putting your trust in someone with a lot of experience is the safer bet. Especially if you’re planning to move over longer distances or even moving abroad, you’ll want to make sure that your movers have been through the process before.

Request Quotes

Once you have narrowed the wide offer down to a finer selection, go ahead and request quotes. While you might already have a favorite, comparing offers still pays off. This is also the time to read the small print, and to assess how professionally and quickly the quotes are sent to you. That is a good indicator of how well the company handles administrative matters.

Spending time and effort on research to find the right moving company can pay off. Even though comparing all the offers and going through everyone’s website is an arduous process, it is an investment in making your move as smooth as possible. This way, at the end of the day, you can arrive at your new home with all your possessions intact, and a professional invoice in your hand.


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